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All Nations Bible Conference 

September 9, 2010 - Prophetess Karen Serna

I heard the Lord say that even now he is creating a coalition of covenant leaders who are coming into a new level of revelation and anointing.  "These leaders are gaining in both strength gifting and character.  As each of them grows, they will align with one another in an unstoppable force much like the armies of God in days gone by.  This alignment will bring forth radical change and deliverance to the First Nation's People throughout America.  No longer will they be held by the power of witch craft.  No longer will they be held by the power of addiction.  No longer will they be held by the power of shame.  For through this powerful company of leaders will come forth a canopy of glory reigning down from heaven over these people.  It will be a glory like never before seen among these nations," says the Lord.

1st-Nation Ministries
has been hosting Bible conferences nationwide.

2017 Conference Schedule

December 30th-January 1st - Ft. Duchesne, Utah
Community Pentecostal Church New Years Revival
Pastor's Fred and Wanda Smith
(435) 722-3027

January 18th-20th - Naturita, Colorado
New Hope Church PCG
Pastor's Dan and Karla Williams
(970) 428-2661

February 9th-11th - Holbrook, Arizona
Holbrook Indian Mission PCG
Apostle's Jerry and Phyliss Keams
(928) 297-0130

March 1st-4th - Monument Valley, Utah
All Nations Bible Conference
Faith Covenant Church of God
Pastor's Mary and Roland Holiday
(435) 485-0051

April 20th-23rd - Kenwood, Oklahoma
Holy Mountain Full Gospel Church All Nations Bible Conference
Prophetess Sue Chancellor
(918) 803-3767

May 19th-21st - Edmonton, Alberta / Canada
Ramada Hotel & Conference Center 11834 Kingsway Ave.
2017 Revival Fire Camp-meeting
(780) 433-9951

June 26th-30th - Valencia, California
PCG General Convention

September 6th-9th - Holbrook, Arizona
All Nations Bible Conference
Holbrook Indian Mission PCG
Apostle's Jerry and Phyliss Keams
(928) 297-0130

Our Purpose
is to strengthen and encourage Native leaders, their spouses, and their workers through a 4-5 day teaching and training meeting. We provide Information for the ministry using Native ministers and Bible resources, we pray for Impartation through a fresh in-filling of the Holy Ghost believing that every minister will receive a fresh anointing. We also work towards developing Interaction we believe in developing relationships and unity between all churches and ministries.

In 1984 we stepped out into full time ministry. We were called to pastor a small Native church on the Fort Peck Indian reservation in Poplar, Montana . During this time we struggled and became frustrated in many areas; our finances, Sunday school programs, administration, adult Bible studies, outreaches, even in my own home and marriage. We constantly cried out to God, asking Him to send us some help. As I look back, I realize that most of my frustrations resulted from the lack of training. We lacked the tools, the resources, and the Biblical principles to successfully build a strong, vibrant church for Jesus. We have spent the last 24 years of ministry educating ourselves, gathering resources, and locating Native ministries with the same burden and vision to help build the Kingdom of God on Indian reservations.

Our Vision “Look upon the horizons and see the promises of God ”(N.A.S.) Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no revelation, the people are unrestrained"

During this season of struggle the Lord spoke these words into our spirit. The Spirit of the Lord gave us the revelation. The word Horizons means and represents "endless possibilities."

It has been said that "Vision" is a clear mental image of a preferable future. This is what we see as endless possibilities.

   • Native churches birthing, and developing ministries, and ministers.
   • Native churches growing beyond the walls and barriers of 50-100 people.
   • Native ministries pioneering new works in un-evangelized communities.
   • Native ministries walking in the fullness of the five-fold ministry.
   • Native ministers acknowledged and recognized as the true leaders God called them to be.
   • Native churches being Blessed, and supporting themselves financially.

Our Goals:  Someone once said that a Goal is simply a "Dream with a Deadline."

 • To develop and sharpen the leadership skills and abilities of Native ministers.

2) To provide the necessary tools, and resources for effective ministry.


   • Children's ministry
   • Youth ministry
   • Pastoral training
   • Missions and community outreaches
   • Christian Education

3) Provide a time of refreshing, renewal, and relaxation for Native leadership.

4) Build a network of Native churches and Pastors in Godly fellowship.

5) To strengthen and plant Native churches on Indian reservations and urban areas throughout North America and Canada.

We target the smaller Native churches in remote areas that lack the finances and many times are over-looked for such workshops and training.

How can I get involved ?

 • Would your church or business like to host a Bible Conference?
 • Would your church or business be willing to financially sponsor a Native family making it possible for them to attend a Bible conference?
 • $200.00 will sponsor an entire family to attend one of these conferences. This includes their meals, lodging, and resources.
 • We always need laborers to help prepare and serve meals.
 • If you are a Native Pastor or a leader and are willing to donate your time, skills, and talents to train others.
 • We need Intercessors to come along side of us and pray for the success of these meetings. If you are interested or have a desire to get involved please contact us at

Rev. Fred Smith
P.O. Box 687 
E-mail: fsmith1@ubtanet.com
Ft. Duchesne , Utah 84026
(435) 722-3027

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